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Get Natural and Beautiful Mane with Ayurvedic Hair Oil

· Ayurvedic Hair Oil

The most common topic of gossip and concern among the women folk is that of immense hair fall. You try the most expensive of shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments and so on yet you keep losing hair more and more with every new therapy! As the myth goes, hair oil is one of the best tricks to hair care and hair growth. If you see carefully, our moms and grand moms had a much thicker mane compared to us, they didn’t have so many hair problems as we do, like frizzy hair, breakage, split ends, dandruff, and itchy scalp and so on.

Hair oil was an active ingredient in the list of the women from the olden days, which is one big reason why the hair mane of our aunts and grand moms might have greyed but the thickness still remains! Not the chemically treated oils, but the ayurvedic hair oils which contain the natural ingredients like amla, coconut, almond, fruits provide the ultimate solution to all hair problems. Hair oil should be incorporated as a habit to protect your mane, not all hair oils are sticky and oily! Your mane deserves the best of ayurvedic hair oil manufacturers so that they get all the necessary nutrients for controlling hair fall and frizz, removes dullness and promotes regrowth.

Ingredients – Ayurveda is a boon to the mankind and when it comes to hair care, the combination of several herbs and natural ingredients make the perfect solution for hair care. Hibiscus seeds, soya protein, yoghurt, egg white are some of the well-known and necessary hair care ingredients which the hair oils come with. Now, depending on the hair problem you face you may choose any of the below in your hair care regime:

  • Amla oil – Nourishment and shine with regular usage
  • Coconut oil – Treats dandruff and conditions hair
  • Almond oil – Makes hair stronger, controls hair fall, doesn’t make hair sticky like the rest and complements hair serum.
  • Olive and fruit oil – deep conditioning, controls frizz

Why should you use Ayurvedic Hair Oil – Nowadays oiling hair is often considered out of trend! However the truth is the nourishment provided by an ayurvedic hair oil is incomparable to any other treatment or therapy. Most of us avoid hair oil just because the hair becomes sticky and on those oily hair days, no smart hairdo can be sported! The modern day is all about stylish hair colours, pressed hair, hair styling products and what not. But it greatly lacks the protection the mane deserves.

You need to understand that your hair actually struggles through a lot of pain and heat when you impose those curlers and straighteners at 270 degree Celsius of heat to get the desired style. Hence it is more than important to ensure that this struggle and pain is recovered with proper nourishment and treatment. A good massage with an ayurvedic hair oil will not only help you solve your hair fall, frizz and dandruff but will make your strands strong, healthy and naturally amazing!

All you need to do is choose the right kind of ayurvedic hair oil from the trusted and reputed cosmetic products manufacturers India, so that there are no chemicals involved. Oiling your hair at least once a week is sure to make your mane healthier, try it to believe it!

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