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Recycle Your Old Cosmetics as you like!

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There is no woman in the world that is not guilty of spending money on makeup and private label cosmetics that are hardly used. There are numerous ways to recycle your old cosmetics- how? Read his article thoroughly to find out.

  • Bring the old lipsticks and make your own shade with them

Try different shades together and decide your own shade. Once you find your shade, melt the lipsticks and create the desired shade from them. You can put some lipsticks on large spoon and mix the color well. Pour the melted lipstick in a container and refrigerate it.

  • Fix your cracked powder, eyeshadow or bronzer with alcohol

You can take help of the spoon to mush the palette content into a powder. Once it is done, you can add rubbing alcohol, and stir to form a thick paste. Let it sit overnight. Alcohol will evaporate and leave your palette content solid and whole again.

  • Create your own gel eye liner with pencil

You can use any kohl pencil eyeliner for this DIY. Sharp the pencil and use lighter or candle to heat the tip. Let it cool for 15 seconds and then apply it. You will get the intense smudge look without putting much effort.

  • Create your tinted moisturizer at home

If you have broken compact powder and want to recycle it, you can do it easily. Just use the powder with facial moisturizer. Mix both the contents well to get tinted moisturizer. This is the best and cheap way to have flawless skin within seconds.

  • Use the dry lipstick for making tinted balm

You will need Vaseline and dry lipstick to create tinted balm at home. Mix the ingredients and heat them and pour into small container. Your balm will be ready once you refrigerate it.

  • Customize your nail paints using eye shadows

If your eye shadows are expired and you cannot use them for your eyes, you can still use it in other way. You can mix sparkly eye shadow in top coat to create a new color for your nails.

If you want the matte nailpaint, just add some talcum powder to it.

  • Use the last few drops of perfume in unscented body lotion

Even if your perfume bottle is about to empty, you can still get your favorite fragrance by putting the last few drops of the perfume into unscented body lotion. In this way, you can still enjoy aroma therapy if your perfume bottle is empty.

These are some interesting ways to recycle your old and cosmetics private label. If you know more ways, do share with other readers in comment section.

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